Tata Sky+, as Told by a Teenager

Tata Sky+ Transfer

As teenagers in this day and age, it is not atypical for us to be seen with one or more gadgets round the clock. Attached to the hip, as my parents say, more often than not, quite crossly. In my case, my phone is with me at nearly all times (unless, of course, it is confiscated) and I constantly work and/or procrastinate on my laptop. I’m no genius when it comes to technology, but if growing up with quite a few tech geeks has had any influences on me, it is the fact that new and innovative tech genuinely interests me. So when someone mentioned Tata Sky+ Transfer in passing conversation, I was intrigued. And research ensued.

The Transfer is a Personal Video Recorder with the capacity to remit visuals in HD and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound. Basically, you can record your shows and movies for future binge-watching sessions with great audio-visual quality.  My first thought was something along the lines of ‘been there, done that’ but when I read further, I realised, not only does Transfer record shows but, staying true to it’s name, allows the viewer to transfer and stream recorded content on smart phones and tablets. Pretty nifty. I am an unfortunate soul in regards to TV viewing in my family, seeing how I barely get a chance to watch shows that I do like-although I have found that my parents have a really good taste in TV shows and I watch with them as regularly as I can.  But with my wonky schedule, it is a chore to even attempt to catch every single episode in its entirety.  Transfer is compatible with iOS and Android devices, if you have the Transfer set top box and have installed the Transfer app on your devices and a subscription to the Transfer pack for each device.

Learn more about Tata Sky+ Here: http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/

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Now for the actual work- transferring your content. Once your content is recorded on the STBLaunch, tap the ‘transfer’ option, which should be displayed on the home screen of the app. Once you transfer the content from the My Box to the My Phone options, all you have to do is press Play and voila, you can now stream and watch your content.

There is, however, a catch to it. While you can record your content in HD, the transferred content will not be HD. The transferred resolution is about 400*224 and isn’t very impressive. Also, the amount of time to transfer the content depends on its length. The transfer is a two step process- step one converts the video into the mobile friendly version and step two transfers the mobile ready version onto your device; for instance, you’re transferring a five minute long music video, it’ll take you five minutes to transfer it and so on. So if you hoped to transfer an NBA game that you missed (because of the unearthly hours that basketball matches are broadcast here) prepare for a long wait, because while the transfer will take five minutes, the preparation will take much, much longer. A second catch includes an Internet connection. Without the Internet, you can only watch transferred videos on your mobile device for a maximum of 48 hours.  Bummer. Also, if you’re overseas, it won’t work.

There are a couple of shows from channels like Disney, UTV Action that are unavailable for streaming, which is not good news for you if you are fond of animated content for five year olds or are a fan of watching The Avengers in Hindi. After looking for the channels I watch, I am pleased to report that all other entertainment, news and sports channels allow streaming.

Multi-tasking is, unfortunately, out of question for the Transfer. You won’t be able to transfer one video while streaming another. If you do try this, you will find the transfer automatically paused until you are done streaming. Once streaming is over with, the transfer will pick up from where you left it.

If you are busy, or procrastinate watching your videos, let me warn you that the minimum shelf life of a transferred video is 24 hours and 72, the maximum. I find the Transfer perfect for binge-watching or procrastinating work (because that is when a majority of us finish seasons upon seasons of a show when we’re supposed to be, well, working). The videos have a time limit or an expiry date and automatically get deleted once they expire. You can watch your videos countless times (music videos, perhaps?) until they expire. Without the Internet you can watch the videos for up to 48 hours or the expiry date, whichever comes first. Videos can also be fast forwarded or rewound and even paused- hurrah for never missing out on important details ever again.

To sum up my excessive analysis, the Tata Sky+ Transfer is quite a satisfactory viewing experience. Once your video is prepared, it takes five minutes for the transfer; you can watch your content a thousand times if you please-as long as it is within the confines of the expiry date, of course; binge watching History TV documentaries and all the seasons of Doctor Who that have aired to date, as never been easier. You can transfer as much content as your device allows and can connect it two 2 devices at a time, so if I’m watching CSI with my siblings, we don’t have to fight over who can see more clearly than the other and all the shenanigans that are inclusive of having a sibling. The resolution isn’t the best, but considering the fact that the videos are converted into a mobile friendly version, no one has to worry if they will be able to see that fantastic play that helped the Golden State Warriors defeat the LA Lakers. The pause, rewind and fast forward options are useful for anyone who wants to repeatedly watch Agent Carter defeat bad guys to a background score of jazz swing, missed yet another dramatic plot twist of How To Get Away With Murder or gets called away for an errand. I appreciate the fact that viewing is possible without the Internet- a shoddy connection always rains on my parade of entertainment- and the fact that I can watch my content anywhere. Oh, and the best thing? It is absolutely free!


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