Fun with the Force

Everybody dreams of a gadget that not does only suit their daily needs but gives their passion a definitive edge. Ask the Star Wars fandom how long they’ve been waiting for science to catch up with light sabers. The same, more or less can be said of the modern world computing for mass consumers like myself. We long for cutting edge tech, precision, seamless multitasking and what not within the same ONE machine?! What’s more- sometimes technological acumen of some dedicated specimen deliver us with just about what we want … all at one place.

To begin with, I’m only THE most annoying Star Wars fan … erm, which clearly proves I’m bonkers over it.  It’s work of the gods, and we’re here to watch it unfold. On the other hand, I’m equally … (how do I put this delicately) mad?! for machines with raw power. Combine both and that’s what the lads at Hewlett Packard have developed for us!

Now only if I had one … what would I do with it? I guess you should ask me what I won’t. It’s only when you get the means to and end that you start building to the end. The Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook -Touch 15t-an000 carries a 6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U Dual Core Processor. Put it into simpler context and that gives anyone more than enough power to carry on most professional grade tasks the same way google provides search results. With this at the throne of a work desk I have sitting idle I can develop without having to hold back.

For a first there’s no need to worry about power and no need to tone down one’s projects! I’m all about the Dark side, which is only further complimented by the back-lit keyboard which is red. What’s more is that this comes with rare wallpapers & screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars™ archives! Tell me about a Star Wars fanboy who wouldn’t drool over the prospect of having access to those and I’ll give you away my inventory of gadgets! With these I can open up a Star Wars dedicated web portal … heck I can use the force to build up a freaking community!

My web portal will confirm your membership with an R2D2 voice and maybe who knows if it fits the server will play you a light-saber duel of a notification when said user uploads his/her work! Moreover, I can only imagine how impeccable my work would look on the Full HD screen & the fact that it supports a touch interface only makes interaction easier! Not only does this machine open up a vast array of possibilities for me when developing a game in near future, it also provides me with the tools to showcase my work. With a Nvidia GeForce 940M and it’s 2GB of dedicated memory rendering becomes as easy as it can get. From personal experience of years already I’m a huge Nvidia fan & with the 940M I can always satisfy the gamer inside me. Furthermore, game design engines like Unity and Real Engine require more than decent hardware and a great graphics performance. Thus with this beast at the helm I can not only work on games but not have to worry about my machine being pushed too far!

For all I know in addition to all these hardware mammoths it comes with 8-12 GBs of RAM! I’ve always dreamt of a Star Wars themed web portal where I post my work and so do others; To work with developers like DICE in development of a game based on Star Wars. Recently Star Wars Battlefront was released and mind you, it sure is a work of pure art. I wish to pay heed to such projects and realise the dream; realise my ultimatum of making an opportunity come alive with my adoration of a franchise and the passion that is for the gaming world sphere. Integration of two horizons at one place- that’s the opportunity I see. I guess I won’t be seeing as much sunlight as I see right now but won’t It will be all worth it?!

Is there something about the beast of a machine this is that I can’t love? I guess not. Honestly enough I couldn’t think of one attribute wrong of it or one thing I wish there had been better. From storage to rendering and from speed to multitasking & even from audio & video to the sublime design & panel art- the Star Wars special edition notebook only but ticks all the marks in my ‘perfect pc’ criterion.  There’s not another piece of hardware I’d pick in the same price range (come on It’s the first of kind). My fun side would only reach new heights as one can never really stop exploring themselves. I think of having this notebook and what I envisage a reality beyond the one I’m living; a place; a seclusion where I am as adamant as Darth Vader on the Death Star- only this one won’t blow up.

For all I know, the force seems to be right with this one.


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Drive, Design, Connect: An Article on the City of Ahmedabad


A city’s progress can be measured not only through the economically but also through its advancement made in field of infrastructure, architecture and culture. These aspects not only become a matter to propagate political discussion or views but it plays vital role in the development and structural empowerment in the area.

The largest city in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has seen such verisimilitude progress to establish an ideal city, with good infrastructure, cultured people and historic heritage. Ahmedabad is  named after Ahmed Shah who had rebelled against his overlords in Delhi. This place is also fondly named Amdavad by the Gujarati local community, was once one of the centers which held the resources, which boosted the medieval economy. These resources namely included three things – gold, silk and cotton. This boosted the textile industry and made modern textile industry to be a success in India. By World War I, Ahmedabad was titled to be “the Manchester of India”. The flourishing of textile industry in Ahmedabad may be viewed as the triumph of Gujarati virtues of pragmatism, innovation and creative collaboration.  

The forward steps in the culture development and intellectual grooming of its inhabitants took place in Ahmedabad through the initiatives of mahajans (trade guilds), who after their unprecedented success in textile industry established current day top educational and management institutions  like PRL, IIM, NID, ATIRA and CEPT during the middle of the 20th century. The design of the buildings of these institutions had attracted modern masters of world architecture like Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier to the city in the 1950s. Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Textiles are the main industries of Ahmedabad of today.

Not only this, Ahmedabad has been the epicenter of the political, historic and non-violent movements against the colonial power, initiated and directed by Mahatma Gandhi. He resided, inspired and motivated people of India from this town for about thirteen more years after his return in 1914. This city has been registered in the history books for its efforts in trade and textile industry, for its rebellion and contributions in the non–violent struggle for independence. This place has reached its pinnacle in terms of art, cultural and industrial progress.

Ahmedabad has also made its mark by increasing connectivity and infrastructural advancement, which gained its momentum under the governance and supervision of then Chief Minister and current Prime Minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi.

The Government of Gujarat and Ahmedabad Mahanagar Sevasadan had initiated a feasibility study into the possibility of a mass-transit metro system for the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The state government set up a ₹2 billion company for the execution of the project.

To focus more on the road connectivity, one can say that major road connectivity is possible through National Highway 8, linking Delhi to Mumbai, passes though Ahmedabad and connects it with Gandhinagar, Delhi and Mumbai. The National Highway 8C also links Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar. It is connected to Vadodara through National Expressway 1, a 94 km long expressway with two exits. This expressway is part of the Golden Quadrilateral project.

Janmarg is the remnant result PM Modi’s efforts in ensuring proper, safer and better connectivity through public transport in the city have been applauded by the social critics. Remarkable work has been done to make public transport efficient in time and money.  Literally meaning ‘way of the people’, Janmarg has established itself as a transport system that carries the citizens of Ahmedabad in safety, comfort that too in the quickest way possible. Janmarg gives top priority to buses, pedestrians and non-motorized transport and this is achieved by segregating it from the rest of the motorized traffic. While buses run on dedicated lanes at the Centre of the road, cyclists get their own dedicated track and pedestrians get wide footpaths. The supporting infrastructure from bus stations, Janmarg control centre to the workshops have been put in place with latest technology to make our travel as hassle free as possible.


With development of such public transport facilities, it increases the chances of better and smoother travel experiences for the citizen in the city, no matter if you are travelling via BRTS or  are driving in your private vehicle.

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The Everlasting Impact of an Intriguing Conversation

In our daily life we come across many people, in buses, metros, malls, busy streets, markets, parks and other public places. At some point in time, we might find them to be just faces or bodies or crowd in the physical space, moving as fast and efficient as possible in the busy and clock-ticking lives of our modern time; at some point, you figure put this transformation of ‘bodies’ to ‘people’ or ‘human beings’, who don’t merely exist but are alive. They have all the sentimental and emotional values attached to them. You meet and interact with some of these beings, some known acquaintances, some random people, you talk and discuss about something of common interests and you actually feel good about that conversation. There are no judgments or opinions formed of each other. A mutual sense of respect is established for each other and a good connection is established through a meaningful conversation. This would not probably long for more than couple of moments, but it has the possibility to have an everlasting impact on your life. The conversation could be about anything, for example of some mutual interest or knowledge.
But wait. Why am I telling you all about this? There is a purpose behind each and everything in our lives. I mean, that’s why Justin Bieber titled his next upcoming album as ‘Purpose’. Anyways, keeping jokes apart and getting back to business, this is not a philosophical or metaphysical thought enumeration and available for indulgence. Or is it? This is something that we all have encountered at some space in time in our lives. I shall elucidate on a personal experience that I have had, out of many intriguing, fruitful and perspective-changing conversations I have had with people around me.

The intriguing factor of their personality, perseverance, persistence, sense of mind and their manner, in which they convince me about their side of the agenda, proves their ability to be great.

Such captivating greatness entered my life and had an everlasting effect on a regular day for college in a metro when I bumped across to a school junior friend, Allen. I met him and asked how college life was treating him and how life was going on in general. I knew Allen through various co-curricular culturally and intellectually stimulating activities we participated together in school. We met after two years from passing out from school. He was a brilliant actor, singer and dancer and a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan in school days, and still is.
So, while I was catching up with him, I got to know about his admission in course of Journalism and Mass Communication. In due course, we also spoke about his hobby turned passion for singing and song writing. Being a poet and a blogger myself I shared he link to my blog. We shared our phone numbers with each other and was in touch with each other through messaging and calls. He later informed me and gave me a critique of my blog articles, how I need to mature up, gave his opinions on things like my themes, ideas and broader thought process which needed some level of refinement.

I was open to ideas and suggestions for my blogs. He gave me interesting topics, which was not necessarily personal but socially active issues like categorization of a person to be a slut or a pervert. He encouraged me to write and talk more about socially and politically stimulating concepts, like same gender marriage and gay rights, ‘something called feminism and post-feminism’. We share similar tastes in music. Being a songwriter, he understood my poetry; he critiqued and appreciated it. Being a music lover, I gave him views on his YouTube song covers, his original song compositions and song lyrics. We have had our similarities, differences and short-comings.
Keeping our similarities or differences aside, this has been a real special and important relationship, where Allen’s comments, opinions and views have changed my thinking process, made me think in a different sense, made me see things through the lens of a different perspective. Allen’s influence of greatness on me has changed me as a person, has made me grow as an individual and as a personality on the whole. His greatness comes through his efforts, his ideas, persistence, his honesty, clarity in thoughts and the will to become something better and bigger. He stands firm in his ideologies, persists with his ideas, even when they are bad. He knows what his place is, where he stands and where wants to stand. He knows his strengths and weaknesses. Instead of cribbing about his short comings, he works hard to overcome them. He is always open to criticism (nobody likes being criticized, nobody!).

And I strongly believe that whoever is willing to face criticism, is a person with strength in his character and this is what defines greatness in a person. Allen does not only know about his own potential, but also has a sense of knowledge about potential in his surroundings. He knows the potential of his friends, and readily encourages his friends to improvise and reach a higher level.
This bond that Allen and I reignited through that little catch-up in the metro, intriguing conversation and sharing of our contacts; now has deepened to the extent that we can very vividly share our opinions, ideas, thoughts, comments, criticism.


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Vikas Reconstituting His Childhood with Colgate


Vikas is studying hard for his upcoming tests. His big brother decided to let me off for a while by giving him the new Colgate pack which has the intriguing “Magical Castle” inside.

Initially he shows no interests but later we learn that even a grown up child can grow inquisitive, and play with something we conventionally think is for only children. As we discover in this video, it’s not so. Age is just a number.

The power of constructive parenting can lead even a grown up teenager like Vikas to reconstitute his childhood and enjoy creating the magical castle.

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Thank you Colgate.